SEMrush Traffic Jet Case Study – Update #4

SEMrush Traffic Jet Case Study – Update #4

This is the fourth post in a case study detailing my experience with Traffic Jet by SEMrush.

You can read the other posts here:

In this update, I go over the results of the Traffic Jet campaign after 16 days (some of the data in SEMrush seems to take a bit to update, so give or take a day here).

Results After 16 Days

As hoped, the results have improved over the past week. We have had two larger “spikes” in traffic with 13 and 10 visit days, giving us a total of 89 visits over 16 days. This puts us at an average of 5.5 visitors per day at an average cost of $0.60 per visit.

Our conversions also went up to 3 (from 1 last week) and our assisted conversions jumped up to 6 (from 3 last week). For the 3 conversions, we are averaging $17.76 per conversion (email sign-up)

I was encouraged to see the campaign improving, which was expected, given that their algorithm should be learning and improving over time and we are only half-way into the campaign. I’ll check back in next week and hopefully the results continue to improve.

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