SEMrush Traffic Jet Case Study – Update #3 – 9 Days In

SEMrush Traffic Jet Case Study – Update #3 – 9 Days In

This is the third post in a case study detailing my experience with Traffic Jet by SEMrush.

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In this update, I go over the results of the Traffic Jet campaign after 9 days.

Results After 9 Days

SEMrush Traffic Jet Results after 9 days

After 9 days into the campaign, I can’t say I have been incredibly thrilled with the results, but it is still early and given that this was all automated, and should improve over time, I’m reserving judgment until the campaign is over.

It got off to a strong start with 21 visits on the first full day. I”m assuming this was a bigger push up front to try to gain a little data to further optimize the campaign. After this, it drops off and I’m average overall just over 5 visits per day.

To put this into a little context, I’m spending $100 over the course of 30 days, an average of about $3.33 per day. At 9 days in and 46 visits, I’m paying about $0.65 per visit.

More importantly, I have had 1 conversion (email sign up) directly from the campaign and 3 assisted conversions.

As I mentioned, we are still early in the campaign. I’ll give another update next week.

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