SEMrush Traffic Jet Case Study – Update #2 – The Campaign Has Begun

SEMrush Traffic Jet Case Study – Update #2 – The Campaign Has Begun

This is the second post in a series of posts detailing my experience with Traffic Jet by SEMrush. You can find the rest of the case studies and review here:

In this update, I go over what happens after sign up and the launch of the Traffic Jet campaign.

Approving the Traffic Jet Campaign

After signing up and paying I received three emails.

1 – A receipt for my payment.

2 – A notice that my campaign had been approved.

3 – A second notice that my campaign was starting.

I believe I received two of the same email because on the first one, my campaign was approved and normally would have started, but I had set the start date one day later. So the third email was notifying me that now my campaign was actually starting.

Results after one full day

April 9th was the first full day of the campaign and on it, I received 16 visits (I had one on April 8th). The stats are not great, as almost everyone bounced immediately, but it is the first day and the algorithm will need some time to optimize and so I am not worried.

I have noticed that in my Google Analytics, there are 3 different Traffic Jet entries. So, I do know that I am getting traffic from different sources, but I am unsure of how, or if, I can determine what those sources are.

Also, you may note that these numbers are different than from the Traffic Jet dashboard, this is because that dashboard has not accounted for numbers for the 10th yet.

In total, this campaign will cost $100 over the course of 30 days, so basically, $3/day. just to put that into perspective.

I’m going to wait a week and then I’ll follow up with another update.

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