How to Start a Traffic Jet Campaign – SEMrush Traffic Jet Case Study – Update #1

How to Start a Traffic Jet Campaign – SEMrush Traffic Jet Case Study – Update #1

SEMrush recently launched a new tool, Traffic Jet, that helps small and medium-sized businesses run AI-powered, automated ad campaigns across hundreds of traffic sources.

I was intrigued and signed up for their service and am documenting my experience and results. This is the first case study for Traffic Jet. You can find the rest of the case studies and review here:

They claim “You can create a campaign in just 10 seconds.” While I didn’t quite make a campaign in 10 seconds, I was able to sign up and launch my campaign in just a few minutes.

How to Start a Traffic Jet Campaign

Traffic Jet Campaign Dashboard

In this guide, we are going to go over how to start a SEMrush Traffic Jet campaign.

Total Time: 15 minutes

1 – Go to the Traffic Jet website and click on “Act Now”

Traffic Jet Home Page

If you don’t have a SEMrush account, you will need to create one.

2 – Fill out your Campaign Information

You’ll want to fill out the basic information for your campaign including your campaign duration, targeting options, and budget.

You can select up to 4 targeting options and your budget needs to be at least $100. They also recommend that your campaign goes for at least 30 days to allow the AI optimization enough time to optimize your campaign.

3 – Add your Creatives

Traffic Jet - Add Creatives

For this case study I tried their “automatically generated Ads” feature, but you also have the option to upload your own creative and ad text.

The one big bummer with the generated ads is that you don’t get to see them before or after your campaign. For some brands with this obviously may be an use with branding guidelines and so they will have to upload their own creative.

For the purpose of this case study, I was very interested in seeing how the ads they created performed and so I went with the automatically generated Ads option.

4 – Connect Google Analytics and Facebook

Traffic Jet Connect Google Analytics and Facebook

Connect your Google Analytics account to give the Traffic Jet algorithm data to optimize your campaign.

Note – You do not need to link your GA account to run a campaign, but it will help with optimizing your ads.

5 – Start and pay for your campaign

Traffic Jet Pay for campaign

When you click on the “Start campaign” button, a pop-up will appear allowing you to pay for the campaign.

If you have a card on file with SEMrush you will have the option to use that or to use a different card.

When you are done, you can find your campaign on your dashboard.

Traffic Jet Campaign Dashboard

Next Steps

I set my start date for April 9th (I’m writing this on April 7th). My ad is currently “Pending Approval.” My assumption is the ad will be approved in the next day or so and that the campaign should start on time on the 9th. I’ll follow up on my next update.

Final Thoughts

SEMrush does a great job of making their sign-up and campaign creation process easy and quick.

For some, it may be too easy and they wished they had a little more control over targeting, but, the whole purpose of this is to let the AI figure out what is most effective.

For the combination of price point, ease of use, and diversity of ad platforms, this is a very well done sign-up process and I am excited to see how it performs.

I do want to add one final note. I am testing this with essentially a brand new website. I started about 2 weeks ago. I am directing people to my home page, which at the moment, is essentially a landing page where users can sign up for free SEO tips.

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