SEMrush Traffic Jet Review

SEMrush recently launched a new tool, Traffic Jet, that uses AI technology to help “small and medium businesses to generate highly convertible leads and increase sales.” I was intrigued and wanted to give Traffic Jet a try and share my experience.

“Traffic Jet is designed to fully automate traffic acquisition and get instant access to hundreds of premium traffic sources, including Google Search & Display, Microsoft Advertising, Facebook, Amazon, Instagram, Quora, Reddit, and hundreds of other advertising platforms.”

SEMrush Press Release
SEMrush Traffic Jet Homepage

Traffic Jet allows businesses to set up paid traffic campaigns in literally a few seconds. You just enter a little information, choose your budget, and then you are off. They even create your ads for you (you do have the option to create your own ads if you would like).

Once your campaign is approved, the Traffic Jet algorithm will run your ads across hundreds of traffic sources, including Google Search, Display, Amazon, Facebook, and Bing.

The algorithm tracks the results of the ads and then optimizes your campaigns and chooses the best channels for you. And all of the data is sent to your Google Analytics account and so you will be able to see exactly where each visitor is coming from.

To start you need a minimum of $100 to put towards a campaign and they recommend that you run a campaign for at least 30 days to give the algorithm enough time and data to optimize your results. They do give recommendations for budgeting based on what industry you are in that you can find on their FAQ page.

SEMrush Traffic Jet Case Study

I was intrigued by all of this and so I started a campaign with them. I am running it to this site ( and I started with just $100 (the lowest you can do) over the course of 30 days. I’ll be posting updates here:

SEMrush Traffic Jet Case Study – Update #1 – How to Start a Traffic Jet Campaign

SEMrush Traffic Jet Case Study – Update #2 – The Campaign Has Begun

SEMrush Traffic Jet Case Study – Update #3 – 9 Days In

SEMrush Traffic Jet Case Study – Update #4

SEMrush Traffic Jet Review

I’ll be updating this review in real-time over the next 30 days.

Expectations and Concerns

My expectations are not terribly high, but the ease of use, the application of AI, and diversity in ad platforms make me excited.

I am by no means a “paid ads expert,” but from what I hear from industries pros, the other automated ad options from the likes of Google and Facebook do not measure up to what a professional would do. This leads me to temper my expectations.

On the positive side, the ease of use, set-up, and relatively low barrier to entry ($100) make this a great option to do some testing. Where else are you going to spend $100 and get to taste a variety of different ad platforms?

If it all works great, then you are happy and can keep going. If it doesn’t work well at all, you can still dive into the results and potentially glean some useful information that will help improve future ad campaigns. For instance, you may find that your ad did really poorly on Google Search, but very well on Amazon. You can then go straight to Amazon and launch a campaign there.

SEMrush Traffic Jet Sign-Up Review

SEMrush highlights their ease of use and with good reason. They claim you can create a campaign in just 10 seconds, which you probably could after a few run-throughs. I was able to get my campaign set-up in about 2 minutes, which for the first time ever being on the site is impressive.

For professional ad managers, it is probably too easy and would leave them feeling very skeptical, but for the small business owner who doesn’t have the budget to hire a freelancer or agency and can’t commit the time to learn how to run ads themselves, this is a very attractive offer.