Optimize Your Blog Titles

Optimize Your Blog Titles

In this article, we are going to go over how to optimize your blog titles.

Optimize Your Blog Titles

Over the coming lessons, we will be going through how to optimize different parts of your blogs and articles. This is typically referred to as on-page or on-site SEO. This, along with keyword research, is one of the first and most important areas to focus on for SEO, as if this piece isn’t done well, much of the other work you put in will not have it’s intended effect.

The Quick Version

Go through each blog post and article that you currently have and include the focus keyword for that post within the title.

The Complete Version

Optimizing your on-page SEO helps Google and other search engines know what your page is about.

For instance, the title of this post is “Optimize Your Blog Titles,” clearly indicating to Google that this article will be about optimizing blog titles. Google can then use this and other factors to determine when this would be an appropriate article to show in their search results. 

If someone where to search for “how to optimize your blog titles?” Google may decide, due to the topic and quality of this article, that this blog does a good job answering that specific question and can include it in their search results.

This is why on-page SEO and keyword research are so important. If I am not optimizing my page for the keyword, Google will have a harder time determining what this page is about, or if I optimize my page for a keyword that nobody is searching for, Google may know what the page is about, but they will never have an opportunity to display it as no one ever searches for it.

How to Optimize Your Blog Titles

1 – Open up the Content Schedule on your Keyword Research Tool and add in your keywords (if you have an earlier version of this document, you may have to add in the keyword column).

adding keywords to a content schedule

2 – For each article and post that you have, log into your website and update the title of that page or post to include your focus keyword.

A few notes on this:

  • Typically, try to include the whole keyword you are going after
  • Typically, try to have that keyword be towards the front of the title
  • Don’t force it, remember that we want to write for people and not search engines. Ideally, you can include the exact keyword in a natural way, but if you can’t do that without it being weird or awkward, then you can use a variation of the keyword to make it more natural.
Adding a blog post title

3 – Go through each existing page and post that you have and optimize your titles.

Final Thoughts

This should be pretty simple and straight-forward. Over the coming lessons, we will be taking similar steps to further optimize our content. 

Also, if you are on WordPress and installed an SEO plugin, you will notice that they make it easier to see and score your article for areas like this. Don’t get too caught up in the score, as we mentioned above, sometimes forcing your keyword in isn’t always the best approach, but it is helpful to monitor what areas still need improvement.

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