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Link building

Link building: why it is important for SEO

Link building is one of the most important SEO best practices adopted by our inbound marketing agency to improve a website’s ranking.

Creating a network of links around your site will increase the visibility of your company for both users and search engines, with great marketing benefits.

But what exactly is link building? How to create an effective backlink network?

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Link Building: what it is, how it works and how to do it

Before analyzing the technicalities, it is necessary to understand what link building is and how to do it effectively.

Doing link building for your company means creating a series of links hosted on other sites that point directly to your company website, with the aim of increasing its visibility for users and for Google itself.

From a conceptual point of view, in fact, a backlink works exactly like a citation in academia: if a good site cites another one, Google will take it into account recognizing greater authority to the site that receives the backlink.

The result will be an increase in the SEO ranking of your business website, which is why link building is important for SEO and is recognized as one of the best practices.

However, it is necessary to make a fundamental clarification: not all sites are equal and the quality of the backlinks you receive is directly proportional to the authority of the sites that host them.

Link building: how to get high quality backlinks avoiding those of little authority

Working on link building you should always aim to get high quality backlinks avoiding those of low authority.
In fact, the mechanism of citation also works in reverse: if Google detects that your site is cited only by low quality links, it will tend to lower the authority of your website.

In short, you need to be careful, because if poorly done link building can be a boomerang that can worsen the SEO ranking of your site.

How to get quality backlinks? My suggestion is to use specific tools for the analysis of backlinks as Semrush or Seozoom and to detect the Autorithy Score, the index that evaluates the authority of a website.

If it is higher than 30, the coast is clear: the website being analyzed is of good quality and a backlink from that domain will certainly benefit SEO.
Forums and specialized magazines often have high Authority Scores, while you should pay more attention to web directories.

SEO Link Building: quality or quantity?

Let’s come to one of the most common doubts among our clients: is link building better for quality or quantity?
Granted that there is no certainty nor an arithmetic formula to rely on, we can however refer to Google’s best practices.

In fact, until a few years ago Google favored sites that received a lot of backlinks, today the most used search engine in the world tends to evaluate positively only sites that receive high quality links.

The reason is soon said: the aggressive techniques adopted in the past by many webmasters to get backlinks everywhere have been associated by Google to spam, and therefore penalized.

Of course the ideal would be to have many high quality backlinks, but to get to this point could take years.
My advice is therefore to start with 3-4 links per week from authoritative sites and then, as always, wait for the results and monitor performance.

Conclusion: why link building is important for your website’s SEO

Leveraging link building is therefore a great move to improve your website’s SEO ranking, and with it sales and conversions.

Create a network of links to your site and always remember to analyze the quality of sites, do not publish too many links in a short time to avoid receiving spam penalties and rest assured: your business site will be ready to climb the Google rankings!