I Have My Keywords, Now What?

I Have My Keywords, Now What?

In the last lesson, we came up with a number of core keywords that, for most local businesses, will comprise the bulk of what we are hoping to rank for. I think it is important to take today to explain where we will be using our keywords, as this will be coming up fairly often over the coming weeks.

I used a solar power company as an example and wrote down my core services and then the cities, counties, and states that my fictional company does business in.

The formula then takes those services and terms and combines them all to come up with keywords we would like to rank for:

Solar Power Installation Orange County, CA

Orange County, CA Solar Power Installation

Solar Power Installation in Orange County, CA

I have my keywords, now what?

Now that you have some of your core keywords, there are a number of places where we will utilize these, including:

In Our Content Strategy

We are going to use our keywords to help create our content strategy. This will be a document that will plan out which pages and blog posts we should create for our website. Once you have this document, you can either create the content by yourself, with your staff and team or hire someone to help create the content.

Optimizing Our Websites

We will be using our keywords in page titles, URLs, meta descriptions, subheadings, within our writing, in images, and in the anchor text.

Optimizing Our Other Online Assets

We will also be using our keywords to help to optimize our social media profiles, our Google My Business and Yelp accounts, as well as within other citations and directories.

Site Structure

There is one other important point I want to get across. We will be creating content in topic “clusters.”

Essentially, we will be grouping together similar content through interlinking so that we strengthen our position in the search engine’s eyes for that topic. This is a big part of our content strategy that we will get into in the next lesson.

To visualize it, it would look a little like this. You have your core services all linked to your home page and then each core service would have related and supporting blog posts, which would be linked to that service page.

For a more in-depth look at this, I highly recommend Nat Eliason’s Wiki Strategy article.

Alright, that wraps it up for today. Over the next couple of lessons, we will be building our content strategy. At the end of which, we will be ready to begin optimizing our website, social profiles, and creating content!

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