Creating a Content Strategy – Part 1

Creating a Content Strategy – Part 1

Alright! We are close to tying this all together.

I know these first handful of posts have been going over 5 minutes, but just a little more and we will have a great plan of action to follow.

Creating a Content Strategy – Part 1

As I talked about in the last lesson, we will be creating content in clusters. To do this, we are going to take our core services and make each one the “top” of its own cluster.

Going back to the solar power example, the core services are:

Solar Power Installation

Residential Solar Power

Commercial Solar Power

Battery Storage

Car Chargers

Ground Mounts

These six services will be our “core” pages.

Head back to your Keyword Research Sheet (Here is the link to the template if you need it) and on the “Content Strategy” Sheet add your main services to the Core Pages row.

Alright, that is all for today! (See, I’m working on keeping these at 5 minutes).

In the next two lessons, we will go over finding topics to blog about and then we will tie it all together.

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As always, feel free to post questions over on the Facebook group. (Hint, if you are having trouble with coming up with core services or what to call them, head over to the group, we can help 🙂 )

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