Keyword Research

Keyword Research and the ensuing content strategy is one of the first, and most, critical steps to an SEO campaign. If you are not focused on the right keywords, you could have the best content in the world, but you still would not see the true benefits of good SEO.

This guide is focused specifically for local businesses, but the ideas here can be applied by most anyone.

We also wanted to make this guide useful to everyone and so we only included strategies and tools that could be used for free. For most local businesses this should will be a good start. As you begin to invest more over time, it would be worth considering a tool like Ahrefs.

Keyword Research and Creating Your Content Strategy

You will start by using our free keyword research tool and then we will dive into what to do once you have your keywords. After that, we will begin working on developing a content strategy, including our core topics and finding topics to blog about. Finally, we will take all of that information and finalize our content strategy.

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