How to Claim and Verify Your Google My Business Profile

How to Claim and Verify Your Google My Business Profile

Today, we are going to go over how to claim and verify your Google My Business profile.

Google has invested heavily in its Google My Business (GMB) platform and for local businesses, it is arguably more important than your website.

Whenever someone does a search with local intent, like “coffee shop near me” Google gives you a result with their “Map pack” at the top of the page like this:

All of the business listings that you see (Starbucks, Blk Dot Coffee, Sootha Coffee) come from those companies Google My Business page.

This is prime online “real estate” and the only way you can get there is if you have an optimized GMB profile.

We’ll get into optimization in a later lesson. For today, we just want to make sure that you have claimed your listing and that you verify it.

If you have been in business for a little while, you probably have already done this, but just in case, let’s go over it quickly.

How to Claim and Verify Your Google My Business Profile

1 – Go to (you’ll need to sign in with a Google account) and click “Manage Now”

2 – Type your business name into the search bar. If Google already has a listing, you will see it auto-complete, if not, you will be given the option to create a new business.

3 – Enter the name of your business

4 – Add your business category (you can change this later, so if you are unsure, make your best guess)

5 – Add your services (this can also be changed or updated later)

6 – Add a location if you have one

If you have a physical location, add that here. If not, then answer “no.”

7 – If you don’t have a location, they will ask you for the areas you service.  Add in the appropriate areas. If you do have an address, they will ask for your address.

8 – Add in your contact details

9 – Click Finish 🙂

10 – Enter your mailing address

Google won’t share this, but they still need it to verify your business.

11 – Add in your contact name and click “Mail”


You just signed up your GMB profile and took the first step in verifying it.

Verifying your business

In roughly 5 days, you will receive a postcard from Google with a verification code on it.

When you receive this, go back to, log into your account, click “Info” and then click “Verify now”

Enter your code and click “Verify” and you will be good to go!

Additional Resources

Google’s guide to adding or claiming your business listing

Google’s guide to verifying your local business listing

And as always, if you have any questions on how to add your website to Google Analytics, head on over to the Facebook Group.

Thanks and have a great day!

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