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Google Ads

Google Ads : How to advertise on Google

Advertising on Google constitutes a very important showcase for promoting a company in different sectors. Google Ads offers several ways to advertise and the platform allows companies to be found by creating an advertising campaign based on user searches.

The fastest way to get results on the web

The Internet has definitely revolutionized the way of advertising and with digitization it is now essential for companies to be present in the online market.
Advertising on Google is a very important showcase for the promotion of a company in various sectors.
To make the most of its potential, however, we need to understand how online advertising works.
Let’s see it together!

What is Google Ads?

In some cases, SEO is not enough to increase the visibility of a site on Google and it is therefore necessary to support paid strategies and techniques, the SEA.
The SEA (acronym that stands for Search Engine Advertising), refers to all paid advertising activities that relate to the world of search engines.

Among the tools used in SEA there is Google Ads, an online service offered by Google which is the only advertising planning platform that allows you to place ads within Google search pages. It was launched a good 21 years ago and until 2018 was called Google AdWords.

Considered as the main tool of advertising, Google Ads is a fundamental strategy tool to increase a company’s visibility and improve its business goals.

Ads are usually displayed above the organic results of the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) of the search engine but also in the network of partner sites which are selected based on an algorithm that assesses their relevance, with reference to the words entered by users in the search bar.

How does the platform work?

In Google Ads an advertiser can independently create an advertising campaign by deciding the objectives and always having full control over the positioning of the ad and the cost incurred.

The platform works according to the mechanism of an auction. When a user performs a search on Google with a specific keyword Google Adwords makes an auction to determine which ads to display among the “sponsored results”.

Why advertise with Google? The main reason is that Big G is the busiest place on the web and the primary goal is to let the public know that the company exists therefore getting more coverage.

Google Ads offers three different ways to advertise:

  • Search type ads: these are text ads that are triggered by certain keywords typed by the user so the ad will only appear if it is relevant to the search made by the user
  • Display Ads: graphical text ads or video displayed on Google partner sites such as Youtube and Gmail
  • Shopping ads: widely used in e-commerce, they consist of images of a product with brand description and price.
    Advertising in Google allows companies to be found by creating an advertising campaign based on user searches in order to obtain actions on their site.
    The goals consist of getting new customers, selling or increasing traffic to your website.

Adwords ad formats can be:

  • Text
  • Images
  • Video ads

Google Ads allows the localization of ads and the planning of keywords for your adwords campaign.
Through the planning tool allows you to set the keywords that is, you predict how users will search for that topic. For example a communication agency could set an Ads on the key “digital marketing”.
AdWords also has a free keyword planning tool that also allows you to understand what their performance potential is.

To choose which topics to focus on is very useful the Google Trends tool that allows you to know in real time the most searched topics at that moment.
The choice of keywords is therefore the most important step for a successful advertising campaign. It is essential to make an analysis of competitors and understand what is the target audience to be able to intercept an increasingly large slice of potential customers.

How to start an advertising campaign on Google and increase your visibility

For a strategic advertising campaign, the basic steps are:

  • Set a goal
  • Decide the geographical location for the publication of the ads.
  • Choose the message of the advertisement
  • Choose the budget
    The advertiser can decide the maximum threshold he is willing to pay to get clicks or impressions thus competing with all other advertisers in Google Ads.

But according to what logic are ads shown? Google Ads considers various factors including the budget made available for the campaign, the quality of the ads and the context of the search.
Therefore, from a higher economic investment does not necessarily derive the greater success of an advertising campaign because in order to obtain a good result the first fundamental element is the quality and relevance of the ads.

It is therefore fundamental to choose one’s digital strategy according to real targets and objectives and the ads must be engaging and persuasive in order to invite action.
Google’s main goal is to give the user search results that are relevant to the keywords searched. If you create quality content that matches the user’s needs there is a much greater chance that Google will show it among the top search results.

How much does it cost to advertise on Google?

You may be wondering what are the costs?
The prices of an advertising campaign on Google depend on the budget that you set on Google Ads and you can invest any amount of money without a minimum spending cap depending on the economic possibilities of the company. So everyone can advertise on Google!
The payment is made only if someone clicks on the ads, hence the acronym PPC (pay-per-click) or CPC (Cost-Per-Click) that is, each click on the ad will scale an amount in the daily budget provided and you pay only when the ad is displayed.

It is also good to specify that you can stop the publication of ads at any time and Google Ads allows you to monitor the progress of the campaigns in real time.
When you finish investing the positioning disappears, Google Ads is therefore suitable for very difficult keywords or when the time to achieve positioning is short, as in the case of a strategy of offering a landing for a limited period.

In short, advertising on Google has great potential!