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B2b link building

B2B Link Building Strategy: useful tips

Our agency is confronted daily with an increasingly frequent request from our clients: the implementation of a B2B link building strategy to improve SEO positioning.

In fact, while in the past it was sufficient to receive more links than your competitors to outrank them on this front, today Google has definitely evolved and the creation of an effective strategy is no longer so immediate.

In fact, a hasty and superficial development of this chapter could even lead you to receive a penalty, definitely sinking your hopes of generating leads and sales from your business site.

But then, how to create a winning B2B link building strategy? How to increase conversions through links from other sites?

Find out by reading this article.

Link building strategy : Quality vs quantity of backlinks

The first advice I can give you for your backlink campaign is certainly to keep an eye on the quality of incoming links.

If once the golden rule was simply to have a lot of links, today the watchword is “few but good”: a lower number of links, but of higher quality, guarantees better results allowing you to climb the ranking of search results.

On the contrary, inserting a high number of low quality links is nowadays (rightly) interpreted by search engines as a spam technique, and therefore it will cost you a painful penalty.

How to get backlinks : Start with your suppliers.

The most immediate and affordable way for anyone to get quality links is, simply, to ask your suppliers to put it on your site.
If you have a good business relationship, in fact, they will not hesitate to insert (maybe in the page dedicated to suppliers) a logo with a link to your site…and voila, you have just earned a good quality link.

On its own it may not be enough to get you off the ground. But in the meantime, without large investments and big waste of time, you have certainly moved a first step to make a winning backlink strategy. Let’s see the next steps.

Link building B2B : How to create a high quality backlink

For maximum SEO performance, however, backlinks must not only come from authoritative and good quality sites, but they must also respect at least two fundamental characteristics:

they must be textual, so that Google is facilitated in finding and reading the link itself.
they must contain the main keyword of the page they are pointing to. In other words, if you have optimized a page of your site for a certain keyword, write exactly that word as the text of the link. In fact, Google will recognize a correspondence between the link and the topic of the destination page, rewarding you with a very high quality of the backlink.

Authoritative sites for publishing backlinks

The list of providers that can post a link to your site may quickly run out. That’s why you will have to find other authoritative sites where to publish your backlinks.

The advice I feel like giving you in this case is to turn to sites that specialize in press release communication. They almost always require a fee for publication (not necessarily huge) but the advantage of this choice is that these portals almost always have extremely high authority scores.

Publish a textual backlink optimized for the correct keyword on these sites and you’ll see your ranking improve exponentially. Try it to believe.

Backlink strategy : Other sites to complete the work

If, however, you do not want to rely exclusively on specialized sites, I have other useful tips to get backlinks of slightly lower quality (but still very good) without spending a euro.

The web, in fact, is full of blogs and forums of the most diverse topics where it will not be difficult to recommend (in discussions or comments) your company through a link.

Even here, however, do it carefully: do not implement this practice in a wild way and write in forums and blogs really in line with the products and services offered by your company, so as to provide a really useful comment for users.

Otherwise (as well as being ethically incorrect) your move could be recognized by Google as spam and a penalization could potentially hit your site.


B2B link building is to all intents and purposes a double-edged sword: if it is well structured and carefully looked after, it guarantees a decisive boost to the positioning of your website on Google.

However, if done poorly and superficially it will classify you as a spammer, guaranteeing you a penalty from which it will be difficult to recover.

In general, my final advice is therefore to always keep an eye on the authority score and the quality of the sites from which you publish links, and above all to publish them in a completely natural and not forced way.

Create a network of links with suppliers, publish news about your company and give useful advice to users who could really solve their problems through your products or services. Do it, and the results will show: you’ll be ready to increase sales and conversions with a B2B link building strategy!