Update SEO Analytics

Update SEO Analytics

How To Update SEO Analytics

Alright, if you are following along with our SEO emails and you’re reading this post, then it is time to update your SEO analytics.

If you haven’t been, head over to our Analytics page to get started.

Roughly, once a month we try to update these, but depending on how fast or slow you are following, you may end up getting off. For the most part, this only will affect Google My Business numbers, so don’t worry too much if you are not checking this exactly on time.

Earlier, we set up SEO analytics baselines using this document

Go grab your copy of the document and fill out your updated numbers.

If you need a refresher on where to get these numbers, head over to this post. Just make sure to set the correct date ranges (I typically do this by month).

I’m going to be following along with 5 Min SEO’s analytics as we do this. Here is what this site looks like after 1 month:

5 Min SEO Analytics

The site was launched towards the end of March. April was the first full month of the site being in existence. All in all, for one month in, I’m very pleased with the results. There are two things to note so far:

1 – I have created quite a few blogs and articles so far. I don’t know the exact number offhand,  but it is around 30. That’s a lot of content.

2 – The overwhelming majority of my organic search results have been coming from the SEMrush Traffic Jet review that I have been doing. This has been a mix of creating a lot of content and opportunistic timing as Traffic Jet recently launched and there is not a lot of competition at the moment.

A few notes on how I like to track my numbers:

Date Ranges

Make sure to set the correct date range for the data that you want. I like looking by month.  So I’ll set the ranges from April 1 to April 30 and so on. The only place this doesn’t work is in Google My Business, which I’ll get to in a second.


I like to color code my monthly numbers as well. It makes it a little easier for me to see general trends over time. I use green for an increases, yellow for anything that stays the same, and red for any decreases.

Google Analytics

Take note that we are only tracking Organic Search results and not the total number of users or sessions. For our purposes, we are not concerned with traffic coming from paid ads, social media, emails, or anywhere else. We only want to see the impact that we are getting from search engines.

Google Analytics Organic Search Users

Google My Business

Note that the GMB insights don’t give you lots of options to break down the data. So, instead of seeing data from March or April, you can only see the last 28 days or last quarter and so on. This means that if you want the most accurate data, you should check at the same point every month. Whereas with Google Analytics and Search Console, you can set whatever date range you would like, and so when you collect your data is not important.

I’m writing all of this while COVID-19 is greatly impacting the world. Because of this, Google has been very slow in approving new Google My Business profiles. I verified the 5 Min SEO profile a few weeks back and it has yet to go live (I also have a client having this same issue). So for now, I don’t have any numbers to report. 

Google Search Console

The numbers are pretty straight forward here, but one thing I wanted to point out was the Average Position option. This will show you, where your website is ranking (on average) for the different search queries you are showing up for.

Google Search Console Dashboard

Also, take note of some of the other tabs like “Pages.” This will show you which pages are actually ranking for you and can help to give insight into what is working well and what is not.

Google Search Console Pages Tab

Alright, if you haven’t yet, go and update your analytics!

As always, feel free to post questions over on the Facebook group. (Hint, if you are having trouble with coming up with core services or what to call them, head over to the group, we can help 🙂 )

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