SEO Analytics

Tracking analytics is an important step to take early on in an SEO campaign. We want to be able to see our progress  (or lack of progress) and then  make informed decisions based off of the data we have collected. 

This page will break down a series of guides that  you can follow that will help you set up and track analytics for your website.

Setting Up Analytics For Your Website

If you are just starting out, either with a new website or a new SEO campaign, start here and make sure that you have your bases covered by adding Google Search Console and Google Analytics to your website, creating and submitting an XML sitemap to Google, and by setting up some baselines to track your analytics.

Updating Your Analytics Monthly

Each month you should check up on your analytics and update your spreadsheet. For most local businesses, you won’t need to check it more often than that. You are looking for general trends over the course of months.

Typically,  you can expect your results to look a little like the stock market. Some weeks and months it will go up and others it will go down. We are obviously looking for our numbers to increase, but if you have a short period of decrease, don’t be too worried and continue to monitor  it. Here is how you can track your data to tell how effective your work has been:

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